West Hall:  Upper-class Science House

West Hall houses students interested in the sciences. Students living in West Hall have a faculty advisor and a resident assistant in a science major. The recently redone basement features a full kitchen and a study area with projector and dry erase boards.

Kent Hall:  First Year Science House

All science and math related majors are welcome! Research has shown that STEM residence halls increases student persistence and success in their field, especially for women. How does simply housing STEM students together help? Environment matters, visibility matters.

  • Studying together
  • Seeing others daily persisting in classes
  • Supporting each other now and as they progress in their studies and fields
  • Making friendships that will forge professional connections in the future

What kind of classes are we talking about?  Bio 112 and Chem 112 are perfect examples of classes where first year students greatly benefit from living in the same hall.