• You’ll Love This Place

    Weighing your college options? We’re all smiles here at Washington College. From learning beyond the classroom to incredible internships, find out from our students why they love Washington College.

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  • Field Studies

    By studying the behavior of field sparrows, Jennie Carr, assistant professor of biology, WC students, and staff at the Center for Environment & Society are hoping to learn how this declining bird species could become more successful at raising its young.

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  • Bill Schindler forages in Ireland.
    Food Research in Ireland
    The Eastern Shore Food Lab gets a running start by building on research with top experts around the world.
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  • Washington College students get a hands-on environmental education about the Chesapeake Bay.
    Chesapeake Heroes on the Half Shell
    In a gala next February, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation will honor Washington College with the Conservationist of the Year Award for its “preeminent” leadership in environmental education.
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  • More than 80 faculty and staff have helped raise nearly 28,000 for the United Way.
    United Effort
    Washington College’s faculty, staff, and President Kurt Landgraf joined forces to raise $28K for United Way of Kent County.
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