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Kent House

Kent House is the first year STEM Living Learning Community.

Kent is part of the First Year Residential Experience. The design of traditional halls allows new students to meet people quickly and form a strong community fo friends the first year at college. Kent has two wings on each floor with each wing having a common bathroom.

Hall Information

Kent is a traditional corridor style hall with community bathrooms. Wings are gender designated.

Kent is not accessible and does not have an elevator.

Each floor has a common bathroom in each wing.

There are tile floors in the hallways, bedrooms, and lounges.

Kent Hall has hotel style units in bedrooms.

Internet is wireless.

Laundry machines are located in the central area of each floor in a laundry room. Cost is included in the room rate and no id or coins are needed to operate the laundry machines.

Each wing has a small lounge with a larger lounge connceting the wings on each floor.

Doubles are 12 x 18

Double: $7,002 a year

There are 36 doubles in Kent Hall