Residence Halls

Your residence hall is your home away from home while you are with us at Washington College. Explore our housing areas and learn about each of our buildings & communities below!

Information will be sent out frequently throughout the semester. It is critical that students check their email and pay attention to deadlines. If you have any questions, please e-mail [email protected]. Please be aware that Residential Life does not provide off campus housing and, due to feedback from students and their desire to live where they choose, there is no Presidential Fellows themed house. Presidential Fellows can request to have another Fellows as a roommate if desired.


Housing Rates 2024-2025

New Student Halls

Single: $9,346 a year
Double: $8,112 a year
$3,126 over the double rate

Returning Student Halls

Single: $9,346 a year
Double: $8,112 a year
Single: $10,070 a year
Double: $8,850 a year
Single: $10,336 a year

$3,126 over the double rate

Housing Accommodations

If you require housing accommodations due to a documented medical condition, please contact the Office of Disability Services.

Themed Housing

Themed housing can help you explore your interests outside of the classroom while connecting students who share your interest. Our themed housing options are listed below:

Science House - Kent Hall

All science and math related majors are welcome! Research has shown that STEM residence halls increases student persistence and success in their field, especially for women.

How does simply housing STEM students together help? Environment matters, visibility matters.

  • Studying together
  • Seeing others daily persisting in classes
  • Supporting each other now and as they progress in their studies and fields
  • Making friendships that will forge professional connections in the future
What kind of classes are we talking about?

Bio 112 and Chem 112 are perfect examples of classes where first year students greatly benefit from living in the same hall.

How do I request to live there?

On your Housing Preference Form, it is question # 20. As staff assign students,those who request will be placed there. If spaces are still available, staff will assign people who have expressed interest in a STEM major.

Summer Housing 2024

Summer Housing is available from May 12th -August 24th.  The summer housing application will be available starting on April 15 on the housing portal. Here is a link to the summer housing application 

Summer Housing will be in Kent Hall  (double rooms) and Dorchester in single rooms. Kent has 4 wings and will have 1 male wing, 1 female wing  and 1 gender inclusive wing.  The remaining wing will be flex space based on need

Housing costs per person are:

$175 per week for a double room
$245 per week for a single room

Housing runs Sunday-Saturday (there are no prorations).

Summer Food Options

The dining hall will be open for most of the summer.  You can pay at the door for your meals, making it easy to only pay for the meals you are on campus.

  • Kent has a kitchen on 1st floor the is shared by the building.
  • Dorchester has small kitchenettes available for use