Residential Life

Living on campus is an important part of the Washington College experience, giving you the opportunity to meet new people, experience new ideas, and develop important study habits and life skills.



July 8, 2020:

Residential Update


After reaching out to all of our students to determine their intentions about living arrangements (on-/off- campus or at home) our residential life staff has been working to place students into rooms, reviewing off-campus waivers, and answering questions about students' options. We continue to work off of a model of housing approximately 850 students on campus which allows us to house many students in singles. Additionally, we have been able to release some additional students to live off campus with a one-year waiver of our on-campus residency requirement. Students who were provided this waiver should note that it is a one-year waiver in response to the pandemic and that they will have to submit a waiver next spring  if they want to request to live off-campus for the following year.


Room Assignments. Students' room assignments are still in process but students can access their assignment through the housing portal and if they have questions about their housing status, they can also contact Because of the shift to de-densify the residence halls, placing students in rooms has been complicated and will result in some first-year students living in residence halls that are not normally designated for first-years. 


Residence Hall Risk Mitigation. In most residence halls, the lounges and kitchens will be closed to mitigate the risk of students congregating in an indoor space and potentially spreading the virus. Students living in suites will be provided with sufficient cleaning supplies so that they can regularly clean their bathrooms on their own without risking additional exposure from someone on the outside coming in to their suite. Additionally, those residence halls with elevators will have restrictions and guidelines about their use which includes limitations on the number of people who can use the elevator at one time. Additional information about cleaning protocols, guest policies, and the designated quarantine and isolation space (Kent House) will be communicated before students arrive on campus.


Housing Rates. Students who were slated to be in a double but due to the necessary adjustments to reduce occupancy have been placed in a single, will pay the normal double rate for their residence hall and will not be charged the usual buyout charge for students who elect to live alone in a double. Students who had selected a room in one residence hall but by necessity are moved to a higher-priced residence hall, will be charged the cost for their original choice. If a student requests to move to a higher-cost housing assignment, they will be charged the cost of the new assignment.

Meal Plans/Dining Hall Update


The dining hall has developed a plan to provide all meals to students who are signed up for a meal plan. The safety of our employees, the campus community and guests remain top priority. Dining Services has adapted its procedures to include employee wellness checks and increased frequency of sanitation procedures throughout the entire dining facility. During the fall semester all food in Hodson will be served by an associate or packaged in a tamper-proof container. All food will be served on compostable disposable plates and cutlery will be wrapped. Seating within dining will be arranged to promote safe distancing and our outdoor patios and other seating areas will be open with additional seating. Consistent with the Washington College mask policy, students, associates and guests will be required to wear mask while inside the building except when eating.  We will continue to provide many options for those who are vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Specific questions about dining services and meal plans can be addressed by emailing

Additional Notes


In the event that public health officials at the federal, state, or local level require that the campus be closed ahead of schedule, room and board refunds for on-campus students will be processed in the same pro-rated manner as they were in spring 2020.

The College will continue to update you on more specific information about on-campus safety protocols and other measures in the coming weeks as well as a move-in schedule ahead of the class start date of August 24th. If you have general questions about the College's plan for re-opening, you can email You can also check out our COVID-19 website at:


Move In Information

We will be announcing a move-in schedule in the coming weeks and that it will likely be phased in over several days.

We will be announcing a move-in schedule in the coming weeks and that it will likely be phased in over several days.


Housing Assignments are posted.  For returning students, if there was a vacancy in your suite, please be aware that a student may have been assigned to that space.  You can check your suite mates via the Housing Portal.