Reid Hall

This historic building and offers gender inclusive housing to both incoming and returning students.

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Reid Hall Fast Facts

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Reid Hall, formerly Normal Hall, was built in 1896 during the Presidency of Charles W. Reid, Ph.D. The new name was adopted in 1923 in honor of President Reid.

female dorm room

Reid Hall was the first dorm on campus to house female students.

lounge area

The basement of Reid is home to a lounge area, pool table, and kitchen.

female dorm room

This three-floor building. It is a mix of upperclass and first year students and offers gender inclusive bathrooms and housing options.

Hall Information

Reid is a traditional corridor style hall with community bathrooms.

  • Reid Hall basement floor plan
  • Reid Hall first floor floor plan
  • Reid Hall second floor floor plans
  • Reid Hall third floor floor plans

Reid is not accessible and does not have an elevator.

There is 1 community bathroom on the residential floors with a half bath on the basement level.

Reid Hall has floor tiling in the hallways, bedrooms, and lounge areas.

Heating is central heat and AC is provided by new VRF systems.   

Reid Hall was built in 1896 to house the Normal Department of Washington College when the state approved a normal program for women at the college and was called “Normal Hall.” In 1910, the Normal Department was abolished and Normal Hall became a woman’s dormitory. In 1922 it was renamed Reid Hall after the College’s president at the turn of the century. In 1929 it was renovated extensively to its current form.

Internet is wireless.

The laundry room in on the basement level and cost is included in the room rate. No id or coins are needed to operate the laundry machines.

On the basement level, there is a very large main community room with pool table, non-working fireplace, tv and sitting areas. There is also a study room, kitchen, and the laundry room.

Reid Hall Room Dimensions:

Due to it's age, room dimensions aren't consistent but on average singles are 12 x 12 and doubles are 12 x 18.


  • Bed frame is 38" by 84.5"
  • Mattress is twin XL
  • 38" from floor to top of bed 
  • 33" from floor to bottom of bed frame at highest option (Bed height is adjustable)


  • Seat is 19" x 19"
  • 32" tall
  • 17" from floor to seat of chair


  • 59" tall and 35" wide
  • Top shelf is 14" tall
  • Second shelf is 14.5" tall
  • Bottom two shelves are 12" tall

Closet in a Double Room:

  • Closet door is 29.5" wide
  • Closet shelf is 14" deep
  • Closet Interior is 80" wide
  • 64" from floor to shelf
  • 24" from ceiling to closet shelf


  • Desk top is 45" by 29"
  • Desk height is 30"
  • Drawers on the left are 16" wide
  • Top two drawers on the left are 7" tall
  • Bottom drawer on the left is 12.5" 
  • Drawer on the right is 24" wide


  • Dressers are 34" wide, 23" deep, and 30" tall
  • Top drawer is 8.5" tall
  • Bottom two drawers are 9" tall

Hallway Door:

  • 32" wide and 79.5" tall


  • 72" tall and 42" wide
  • A 36"-60" tension curtain rod is recommended for strength

There are 6 singles and 29 double rooms in Reid Hall.