Sassafras Hall

Sassafras is a three-floor coed, suite style building housing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students.

Sassafras Hall Exterior Image

Sassafras Fast Facts

Sassafras Hall, often called "Sass", is part of the River Dorms which also include Chester and Corsica. 
double room
Suites can be gender designated or gender inclusive per the residents’ decision.
The first floor of Sass has a lounge area and full kitchen accessible to students. 
double room
Sassafras is a co-ed upperclassman suite style dorm. There are three floors and two types of suites available, every suite houses 4 residents. Sassafras is fully accessible and ADA compliant.

Hall Information

Sassafras Hall is suite style. Although every suite houses 4 residents, there are 2 types: Type 1: 2 singles and 1 double room, with shared sinks, bathroom, and shower room off of small hallway. Type 2, 2 double rooms with shared sinks, bathroom, and shower room off of small  hallway. Only 9 of the 26 Sassafras suites have common rooms.

  • Sassafras Hall first floor floor plan
  • Sassafras Hall second floor floor plan
  • Sassafras Hall third floor floor plan

Sassafras is fully accessible with ADA compliant suites and an elevator.

Each suite has a shower room, toilet room, and 2 sinks.

Tile flooring is in the suites. Carpet is in the hallways and lounges.

Bedrooms have in room units controlled by a central system.

Internet is wireless.

There is a laundry room on each floor and the cost is included in the room rate. No id or coins are needed to operate the laundry machines.

There is a public lounge and kitchen on each floor. The first floor has the largest lounge and also has a conference room and meditation/prayer room.

Singles: 8 x 14
Doubles: varies 10 x 18, 13 x 17, with ADA doubles 12 x 22

There are 46 singles and 29 doubles in Sassafras Hall.