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Middle Hall

Middle Hall is a small community and has all gender inclusive bathrooms.

Middle is part of “The Hills” comprising East, Middle, and West. Due to the halls’ sizes and the strong community that develops, residents of the Hills report high satisfaction with their community experience and tend to live there for several years.

Hall Information

Middle is a traditional corridor style hall with gender inclusive community bathrooms.
Middle Hall is not accessible and does not have an elevator.

All bathrooms in Middle are gender inclusive. There are bathrooms on all residential floors with half bath in basement.

There are tile floors in the hallways, bedrooms, and lounges.
Heating is radiator style with cooling via removable window ac units.
Internet is wireless.

The laundry room is in the basement and cost is included in the room rate. No id or coins are needed to operate laundry machines.

There are two lounges in the basement. One is a recreational basement and the other has a kitchen space plus a recreational space.

Due to the age of the Hills, no two rooms are the same. Floor plans are not to scale.

Singles: $7,426 a year
Doubles: $6,365 a year

There are 8 singles and 10 doubles.
  • Photo taken of Middle between 1906 and 1923
  • Middle Hall today
  • Middle Hall basement floor plan
  • Middle Hall Second Floor plan
  • Middle Hall Third Floor Plan