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Good writers are good readers.

At the Cherry Tree Young Writers’ Conference, you will study literary texts with faculty from the Washington College English department, learning how to analyze poetry and prose, how to support your opinions with evidence, and how to read literature the way writers do: looking for new techniques that you can make your own.

2024 Conference Literature Discussions:

Kimberly with Frame DR. ALISHA KNIGHT
"Judging Books by Their Covers"

The old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover," is bad advice for print culture scholars. Book covers influence readers in curious ways. We will conduct a mini-case study and analyze Harlequin Romance novel covers to explore how this happens.





Courtney Rydel Frame


"Fairy Lovers and the Land in an Early King Arthur Story"

Some of the earliest stories of King Arthur were written by a poet known only as Marie de France. She blended real Welsh locations with fantastical fairies from Avalon, combining the ruthless politics of conquest with a passionate love affair. We will explore how Marie creates the world of Arthurian legend by merging historical Britain with her own imaginings.