International Student Profiles

Past and present international students demonstrate that their experiences have prepared them for rich, fulfilling lives after they finish their studies at Washington College.

Meet Our International Students!

Learn why students from around the world choose to study at Washington College.

Prince Kagunyi

Prince Mwenda Kagunyi '23

From Nairobi, Kenya, majoring in physics, Prince really enjoys the small knit community of Washington College and its super welcoming nature. “Academically this is perfect because I am able to receive attention from my professors which would be extremely hard in a big school,” he said.

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Seyed Marjaei

Seyed Marjaei '23

Seyed is originally from Iran but he spent the majority of his life growing up in India. Throughout his high school experience in India, Seyed attended very small schools. Coming Washington College in 2019, where a sense of community is very strong, he felt immediately right at home. 

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Daria Shirokova

Daria "Dasha" Shirokova '23

All the way from Russia, Dasha, short for Daria, has always wanted to study in the United States and says that individuality and innovation are highly accepted and encouraged at WAC, which has given her more academic freedom.

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Bin playing Tennis.

Van T. "Bin" Nguyen  '23

Bin, short for Van, is an international student-athlete from Vietnam majoring in business management. Bin is on the tennis team here at WAC and she considers her teammates and coaches as family.

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Shreyas Suresh, a young Indian man, sits on the steps of Foster House

Shreyas Suresh '18

Shreyas, from Mumbai, India, found his studies at Washington College to be a valuable step on his journey into the legal profession.

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Maria and Belen

Exchange Students: María Belén Boggetti-Sadir & Denisse Rojas Maldonado

Exchange programs all over the world were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but Fall 2021 saw Washington College once again accepting students from our international partners. María and Denisse are two International Relations majors visiting from our partners in Argentina and Spain.

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Study Abroad Success Stories!

Find out how studying abroad has affected Washington College students.

Tobin Chambers Italy 2023

Tobin Chambers, Gabby Drusano and Bridget Tiffey's Italy Experience - 2023

Tobin Chambers, Gabby Drusano and Bridget Tiffey of the women's lacrosse team spent the Fall 2023 semester in Italy and write about their time in Milan, the second most populous city in Italy. The trio was joined for part of the semester by teammate Cate Manos. Here is their experience.

Sammy Segeda '23 in South Korea

Sammy Segeda '23

Sammy found a new focus in her studies after her time at Yonsei University in the Republic of Korea. After graduation, she has joined a project with the Trilateral Youth Empowerment Program and will present a policy brief in Washington, DC in August 2023.

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