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Frequently Asked Questions

New international students often have many questions that can be answered before their arrival. This FAQ was designed to answer some of the most common questions students pose prior to arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the United States, the terms are frequently interchangeable. Both colleges and universities offer four-year undergraduate degrees. Some colleges and many universities also offer graduate programs leading to a Master’s degree or a doctoral degree. If students want small class sizes and a closer relationship with professors, then a college is the best option. If they prefer more variety in classes and programs, then a university may be a better choice.

It means students take classes in different areas. For example, a student majoring in Business Management also will take classes in other disciplines, such as Biology, English, and Music.

A great way to meet other students is to join a sport or club. There are many sports and clubs at Washington College. Popular sports are basketball, tennis, soccer, rowing, lacrosse, and sailing. Popular clubs include The Elm (the student newspaper), Student Events Board, Music Collegium, Chess Club, German Club, and so on.

No. Tuition does not include textbooks and textbooks can be expensive. Students can research the textbooks they need to buy before the start of each semester on the college website. They can buy (or rent) textbooks in the Washington College bookstore or online. The college bookstore has competitive book prices and students do not have to wait for books to be shipped.

Of course, this varies per subject, but on average for every hour spent in class, students will spend another two hours on homework. For a class that meets three hours per week, students can expect to spend an additional six hours studying and completing assignments. This ratio is common in most American colleges and universities.

The normal semester course load is four courses (16 credits). Most courses are worth four credits each. Some students elect to take five courses (20 credits) per semester. International students are required to register for a minimum of 12 credits each semester to maintain full-time status.

Your base tuition covers up to 20 credits per semester; additional credits cost $1,500 per credit. Freshman need permission from the Registar to take more than 20 credits in a semester; upperclassmen need permission to take more than 24.

Yes! It is very common at Washington College. Students can double major in Business Management and English, or they can major in Business Management and minor in English. Remember that a double major means students must fulfill the requirements for both disciplines in order to graduate with a double degree.

Washington College offers partnerships with Columbia University (Engineering), and the University of Delaware or the University of Maryland (Nursing). Students majoring in the premedical program frequently pursue advanced degrees at respected institutions in such fields as dentistry at Boston University and veterinary medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our most popular majors are Biology, Business Management, and Psychology. However, we offer over 40 majors and programs designed to meet the needs and interests of prospective students around the world.