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Frequently Asked Questions

We handle all allergies and celiac cases on an individual basis and encourage guests to come and speak with us so that we can create individualized plans based on specific needs.  Dining Managers and our Executive Chef will sit down with you to discuss your allergy, review menu items and ingredients, any specialty items you may need, answer cross contamination questions, and develop a plan to fit your dining needs.  Based on your schedule, we will put you in touch with the correct managers and our 3 chefs are always happy to custom cook a meal specifically for you using special pans and utensils. 

No, allergy ingredients will not be labeled.  We prepare products in common kitchens with shared equipment so we cannot guarantee items are not exposed to other products in our kitchens.  We encourage you to ask the chef or manager so we can provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.  While we try to label all items and use appropriate logos on our food items, these are meant as a general guide.  We cannot guarantee each ingredient within a particular dish.  We also cannot guarantee that signs do not get moved around throughout a meal service.  All signs that make absolute statements such as “Gluten Free” or “Contains Nuts” cannot be used in our facility due to the fact that we do prepare other items in our common kitchen that do contain those ingredients.  We also cannot guarantee items that are self-serve do not come into contact with other products.

Always ask to speak with a manager or chef as they have been trained to handle these situations.  Employees will not always know the answers due to working varying schedules and on different items and stations throughout any given day.  Our employees have been trained to direct all questions to a member of the team who has completed the proper trainings, so feel free to ask them to put you in touch with a chef or manager.  We understand that this can be at times inconvenient, but your safety is our first priority and we are happy to take the time to get you the correct information.  We are also always happy to sit down and work out a specific plan and arrangement for you.