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Smoking Cessation Program

Health Services offers tobacco cessation support to all students who have the desire to quit using tobacco. Students may call to schedule an appointment for these services. Please contact Health Services to help you quit today! 410-778-7261

Smoking Cessation Classes

Free Stop Smoking Classes are offered through Kent County Health Department asa 5 week program. Classes are taught by trained Quit Coach, Mary Jo Carpenter. Class topics include the stages of quitting, triggers and understanding addiction, methods to quit, nutrition, and stress. Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy with patches, lozenges, gum, or Chantix is included in the class. Free Nicotine Replacement Therapy

  • Students may sign up by contacing Mary Jo Carpenter at 410-778-7028 or emailing her at [email protected]
  • Online Free Cessation Sites
  • (This site offers a free network of thousands of fellow quitters)

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