Facilities and Services

There is a wide variety of facilities and services offered to students on campus. You are encouraged to take advantage of as many as possible, to make your life here a lot easier. Among the facilities that you will find at Washington College are:

There's life outside the classroom! Washington College offers students a number of useful on-campus services, reducing the need for students to look elsewhere for day-to-day items and activities.

 Facilities & Services

Washington College Central Services offers on-campus mail services as well as package services to its on-campus students only.  Students residing off-campus are not permitted to get mail/packages on campus but instead must receive them at their off-campus address.

You can find Central Services in the Casey Academic Center on the first level at the end of the west hallway on the right. The office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12 noon. Central Services is the place where students should come to pick up their mail, send mail, purchase stamps and some mailing supplies and receive their incoming packages.  Students can also bring outgoing packages to ship off campus to this department.

Once a student's mail or packages have arrived and are checked in and ready for the student to pick up, the student will receive an email from  [email protected].  Please wait until you receive notification from this email before coming to pick up your package or mail, even if your vendor tracking says it is here.

Central Services also offers the purchase of shipping through USPS, UPS and FedEx.  You can also bring pre-paid labeled shipments for USPS, UPS and FedEx to send out.  Acceptable means of payment in Central Services are cash or credit card if the price is $5.00 or more.  We do not accept student IDs as payment.

Students can also utilize the Chestertown US Post Office, which is located at 104 Spring Street here in Chestertown, MD

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The Department of Public Safety is located on the ground floor of Cullen Hall. Public Safety officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Officers conduct foot, bike and vehicular patrols of the entire campus. The department aids in the enforcement of federal, state, and local statutes, as well as Washington College regulations. All officers work closely with the local and state jurisdictions and information on criminal activity is shared among agencies when appropriate.

To call Public Safety, dial ext. 7810 from an on-campus phone or 410-778-7810 from your mobile phone or off-campus. Dial 911 to call local police, ambulance and/or fire services in case of an emergency.

The Department of Public Safety’s responsibilities include basic security for the entire campus, enforcement of all traffic regulations, including vehicle registration, coordination of fire safety programs, and distribution of all building keys, ID cards, and access control.

Public Safety officers have full authority to enforce all College regulations. Failure by members of the College community to comply with a reasonable request of a Public Safety Officer may result in a Washington College Campus Citation being issued, disciplinary action referral, or a criminal charge in the District Court of Maryland.

The Department of Public Safety recognizes that the current location of the office may not be accessible to people with disabilities. Anyone needing assistance can access public safety services by calling 410-778-7810 to make arrangements for service or go to the Student Affairs Office during regular business hours.

WAC Alerts

The College uses a web-based emergency alert system that you can subscribe to.  The emergency notifications are sent to your email and can also be sent to your cell phone.

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The Dining Hall has many food offerings for residential students, located on the second floor of Hodson Hall Commons. Students, faculty, staff and guests will find different food stations with a variety of options. The Fresh Market has house made soups and fresh salads. The Kitchen offers an ever-changing buffet with entrees (including vegetarian options). Baker’s Crust has with classic deli favorites. The Hearthstone Oven has a brick stone pizza oven to prepare classic Italian dishes. My Pantry offers a freshly prepared special of the day.

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The Benjamin Johnson Lifetime Fitness Center provides an array of activities and fitness options for the Washington College Community. The facility is dedicated to meeting the strength, aerobic, and fitness needs of the college community through its variety of activities, programs, and state of the art equipment.

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Intramural Sports

Do you like to play soccer, football, or basketball? Join an intramural sports team! Student coordinators handle the logistics of paperwork, scheduling, and facilitation of events. Most teams are co-ed, meaning that both men and women play on the same team. Intramural seasons typically consist of two games a week, which are very flexible and do not take away from your academics. The IM schedule is broken into fall, winter, and spring seasons with 2 sports a season.

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Varsity Teams

In addition to Intramural Sports, the College also has a Varsity Athletics program.  Washington College competes against other colleges in Field Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Rowing and Sailing.  Students that participate in these sports practice and compete weekly during their competitive season.

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Looking for a place to hold an event on campus?  There are several large spaces that are available for student use. They are the East Hall, Hodson Hall, the lounges in Chester and Sassafras residence halls and the Lit House.

All events on campus must be registered with the Office of Student Engagement.

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Washington College is a residential college, which means that the majority of the students live in college dormitories.

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Dorm Regulation

Every year, Washington College residence halls close after Fall and Spring Semesters. Students are required to leave their rooms and turn in their keys no later than 24 hours after their last exam.

Please keep this condition in mind when making your plans for winter and summer vacations.

Residence halls are open during Fall Break (October), Thanksgiving Holiday (November) and Spring Break (March) but Dining Services are closed.

IMPORTANT: Students are NOT permitted to stay in their dorm over the Winter Break (mid-December-Mid January). It is required that you are out of your dorm by the last day of exams; no later. The same holds true for the end of the Spring Semester. Please make sure you plan accordingly. 

Between Winter Break and Spring Semester many exchange students travel and many international students stay with friends or return home. Students can return to campus the Sunday before classes begin.

WC Day Trippers

WC Day Trippers is a student-run group setting up day trips to places like Middletown, DE and Annapolis, MD so students can get out of Chestertown to go shopping, see a movie, or go sightseeing.

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Safe Ride is a student run service that picks students up at night on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Call Safe-Ride, 810-750-7433, tell them your location and they will come pick you up, returning you to campus.

Maryland Upper Shore Transit-MUST 

The MUST transportation service operates a regular bus schedule for transportation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. You can catch the bus at two locations in Chestertown, Dollar General and Rose’s Store. This bus, #4, will take you to Easton where you can take another bus, #9 to Cambridge. At Cambridge you can take a Greyhound bus to Washington, DC, Philadelphia or New York City. It is advised that you call in advance to ensure that all buses are operating.

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