Dylan Grimes '19

    Major: Art & Art History and Biology

    I currently work in the nonprofit sector at Kent Attainable Housing in Chestertown, MD. I am also an artist that works with mixed media and photography.  I love to serve my local communities outside of my work by volunteering a the local community garden and Humane Society.

    Favorite Professor and Classes

    My favorite class had to be my World History class with Dr. Clayton Black. Even though this was not a class on my major track, it was quite interesting. The faculty and staff members that had the biggest impact on me had to be Dr. Aaron Krochmal and Prince Johnson in Dining Services.

    Fondest WC Memory

    My favorite WAC memory had to be any time the Habitat for Humanity Club went on a service trip. We always had a blast and are still close friends today.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    WAC prepared me to be a leader and to find my passions. No matter how diverse or juxtapositioned they are, go for it.


    My advice to other students is to try as many clubs as you can. You will find your tribe, don't worry.