Rae Ramos '13

    Major: Art History and Environmental Studies

    The past 7 years I've been involved with cultural institution start-ups in Sarasota, FL. I was first involved in building and opening the Sarasota Art Museum, a contemporary kunsthalle, starting off as an administrative assistant and departing as a Director of External Relations + Programs. We transformed a former 1920s Neo-gothic high school into a world-class museum and "third place" for our community.

    I'm currently Assistant Director of Architecture Sarasota, a new organization after merging two other architecture and design non-profits. We preserve mid-century modern gems by famous architects such as Paul Rudolph, maintain and curate an exhibition space, and host educational programs and events about all things architecture and global design.

    Favorite Class

    Favorite Class: Environmental Art with Professor Alex Castro and professors with biggest impact were Profs. Castro, Goodheart, McColl, and Seidel!

    Fondest WC Memory

    Too many to share!


    Networking is very important. And be open to new ideas and jobs even if it isn't what you went to school for. As long as you have a passion and interest in it, you will succeed.