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Resources for Students of Color

We, the students, faculty, staff, and Board of Visitors and Governors of Washington College, welcome, invite, value, and support a diverse community of individuals. We strive to create a place where all can study, work, and thrive. We believe in the worth, dignity, and safety of human beings of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities and/or expressions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, cultural backgrounds, cognitive or physical abilities, emotional and behavioral characteristics, ages, and educational levels.

In the pursuit of academic excellence, we endeavor to be a community made up of people from a variety of backgrounds with differing perspectives, life experiences, religious, philosophical and political beliefs, lifestyles, and ideologies. We pledge to create a respectful and supportive environment for collaboration, empathy, and the building of meaningful relationships among members of Washington College. We commit to fostering a more equitable, inclusive, and engaged community that embraces all the complexity that each person brings to campus.  

We will empower all members to contribute ideas, ask questions, contest assumptions, and revise points of view through civil debate. 

We will confront and challenge attempts to dehumanize others through prejudiced attitudes, behaviors, and practices that exclude, demean, or marginalize any individual or group.    

We will encourage alumni, parents, visitors, guests, and the wider community to respect and embrace the values and behaviors that we embody.    

Our promise is to cultivate a continuous desire and ability to understand and meaningfully engage with different perspectives and experiences, including those of historically underrepresented and marginalized groups. We seek to contribute to the full intellectual and emotional development of every person and to the enrichment of our local, regional, national, and global communities. 

Resources for Students of Color


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A Diverse Campus



Office of Intercultural Affairs

Intercultural Affairs is committed to creating an inclusive environment that is essential for all students cultural development and academic success. Regardless of a person’s identity, the office will:

  • Develop and educate citizen leaders
  • Foster intercultural engagement
  • Provide opportunities for self-awareness and reflection across difference 

The vision of Intercultural Affairs is to create a community in which all people feel valued and find worth in their authentic selves. 

The Office of Intercultural Affairs is located in Minta Martin Hall, along with our Intercultural Center—a student-centered location on campus that provides a safe physical space for everyone—but it’s also much more than that! The Center is a hub for a wide variety of student services, resources, and cultural programs. 

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Center for the Study of the Black Culture

The Center for the Study of Black Culture provides the Washington College community with cultural, educational, and social events that uniquely illuminate the particular experiences of African-Americans.

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Black Student Union

Student Multicultural and Service Organizations

Washington College has over 80 student-run organizations, many of which strive to give back to the community and work to create an inclusive campus. Each year, WC student organizations give back 5,000 hours of community service to a variety of charities, both locally and nationally. Along with dedicating their time to improve the community, many WC students are involved in community work to gain professional experience or build relationships beyond those made on campus.

Our multicultural and service organizations engage with the WC and Chestertown community to bring awareness to their causes, provide support for students on campus, and better the community they love. These clubs include students of color associations, LGBTQ+ groups, non-profit organizations, and more.  

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The Black Student Union became a large part of my life as a freshman, they are a family to me. I’ve grown with the organization all four years and BSU has turned me into a well rounded woman. It has taught me how to connect, network, and speak out about what I feel.” — Destiny Harris ‘21, Black Student Union President 2019-2021

International Students

Global Education Office

The Global Education Office provides international and intercultural educational experiences for all Washington College students. GEO promotes and facilitates study abroad for Washington College students and supports all visiting exchange and matriculating international students through mentorship programming, intercultural campus activities and off-campus trips.    

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Washington College History Project

The Washington College History Project

At its founding in 1782, the College at Chester could have attracted no greater patronage—nor taken any better name—than that of the patriot commander-in-chief who secured the American colonies’ independence from Great Britain. While George Washington is admirable in many ways, his treatment of enslaved and Native American peoples was hardly so. Sadly, the systemic racism upon which our nation was built still permeates our society today.

Now, at a time of unprecedented national reckoning for past and present racial injustices, and in such a place as Washington College, which has its own troubled racial history, a full and candid reevaluation of our past is underway.
Initiated during the summer of 2020 by the President of Washington College, the Washington College History Project takes as its charge the honest and forthright examination of the legacy of racism and the urgent need to acknowledge and reconcile this history as we dismantle racism on our campus and in our communities.

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