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Student Resources

Looking for more resources to help with your writing? You’ll find excellent advice below.

Five-Minute Solutions

 In our "Five-Minute Solutions" video series, you'll find answers to frequently asked writing questions and strategies that you can apply to your own work, all in under five minutes! 


Other Resources Online 

Here are some of our favorite online writing sites. 

Getting Organized and Developing Ideas

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab offers excellent, up to date resources on a range of writing concerns, from research and citation to sentence style and writing in specific disciplines. 

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has excellent Handouts and Resources on all stages of the writing process and on different kinds of writing. 

Documenting Sources and Doing Research

The MLA Style Center offers a quick guide for Works Cited pages and an "Ask the MLA" feature for submitting questions.  

The American Psychological Association Online offers a range of advice for formatting papers in APA style. 

The Chicago Manual of Style Online offers a list of frequently asked questions and a "Citation Quick Guide" for citing the most common sources in this documentation style.

Purdue University’s Research and Citations page offers a general guide to writing research papers, with advice for doing research on the internet, evaluating sources, paraphrasing, and writing an annotated bibliography — in MLA, APA, or Chicago Documentation Styles.

Revising Sentences and Editing for Grammar

Purdue University Online Writing Lab’s General Writing Resources offer easy to understand explanations of grammatical concepts and practice exercises.

Capital Community College’s Guide to Grammar and Writing allows you to search a database of interactive explanations and exercises for common grammatical and structural problems.

Walden University's Grammar Guide and Video Playlist helps illustrate and give examples of common grammatical problems and ways to restructure your sentences. 

Writing in Different Subjects and Genres

The University of North Carolina’s Writing Center offers great advice on writing across the disciplines, from the sciences to the humanities. 

The Harvard Writing Project offers downloadable guides to writing in a range of different courses and disciplines.