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Meet Our Staff

About the Director

Photo of Dr. Rachel RodriguezDr. Rachel Rodriguez earned her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Louisville in 2021, her MA in English from the University of Maine, and her BA in English and Spanish from McDaniel College. She comes to Washington College with experience administering the writing centers at the University of Louisville and Chesapeake College. Her research interests include writing centers, composition pedagogy, translingualism, language difference, and basic writing. She has taught composition, basic writing, rhetoric, literature, business writing, and SAT test prep.


About the Peer Writing Consultants

Grace is a Senior English major with Theater, JEP, and CMS minors. She is one of the News co-editors for The Elm, the communications intern for the English department, a tour guide, and a poetry screener for Cherry Tree. In her free time she is a member of Wacapella and the Student Government, where she has served as the ADA chair! After Washington College, Grace will be attending graduate school for Investigative and Broadcasting Journalism. 
Jocelyn is a sophomore Biology/Pre-Veterinary major with Chemistry and Business minors. In addition to being a writing center tutor, Jocelyn is also a Chemistry course mentor. When she's not in the classroom, Jocelyn is out with her friends exploring the town! She loves trying new things and meeting new people! After WAC, Jocelyn plans on attending a graduate school to become a large animal veterinarian. 
Jaya is a sophomore and an English and Theater double major with a minor in Creative Writing. They are excited to help with all kinds of assignments in the writing center! They enjoy poetry, gothic fiction, and magical realism. After college, they hope to write and direct for the theater, but are also involved in costuming, acting, sound design, and stage management.

Riley (she/her) is a junior majoring in English and minoring in Communication and Media Studies and Journalism, Editing, and Publishing. This is her second year working at the Writing Center, and she loves meeting a variety of students and working on writing assignments with them. She is the lifestyle editor for The Elm, the social media coordinator for Writer's Union, the president of Film Club, and a senator in the SGA. In her free time, she likes reading and watching shows and movies with her friends.

Maddie is a junior majoring in Communication & Media Studies, with minors in Psychology and Hispanic Studies. Outside of the Writing Center, she is a George's General, business president and publicity manager for WACappella, and a full time Taylor Swift listener. She has two dogs and would love to tell you about them in between paragraphs.

Sophie is an English major with minors in Creative Writing and Journalism, Editing, & Publishing, hoping to work her way to a career in publishing. Though mostly familiar with creative writing and literary analysis, she's happy to work on absolutely any subject at all with you. When she's not in the Writing Center, you can probably find her taking an excessively long walk around campus or eating a bagel in Wilmer Park. 

Quinn (he/him) is a sophomore and an English major. He is very excited for his first year in the Writing Center! In addition to studying English, Quinn is interested in creative writing and studio art. Some of his favorite pastimes are doodling and going on walks. He also enjoys reading, especially fantasy and graphic novels.

Grace is a junior majoring in English with minors in gender studies, creative writing, and journalism, editing, and publishing. She has experience writing in many genres, including literary analysis, journalism, creative nonfiction, and more. Grace works as the associate editor of the Washington College Review and as a copy editor for The Elm. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, crocheting, and doing all kinds of crafty, creative things.

Faith is a Junior at Washington College, majoring in Communications and Media Studies. Along with that, she has double minors in Journalism, Editing, and Publishing and Creative Writing. Around campus, Faith can be found working as an usher for Gibson Center of the Arts or as Student Life editor of WAC's newspaper The Elm.

Evan Merk (he/him) is a junior biology and environmental science major with a minor in chemistry. While he has a lot of experience with lab papers, he's more than excited to work with anyone on any kind of writing project! When not in the writing center or the lab, he can best be found with his cat Igor, or watching silly teen tv shows.

Miranda Parrish is a junior who is double majoring in Political Science and Communication. When she isn't in class or taking pictures at sports games, she is the Student Government Association President, a member of Black Student Union, and an avid duck lover. She is very excited to continue her work as a Writing Center tutor. Post graduation, she wants to further her education in hopes of becoming the President of the United States one day. 

Courtney is a junior at Washington College. She is majoring in English and minoring in Secondary Education and Theater. She hopes to one day become a Secondary Education English teacher. She loves reading and writing, and has a passion for helping people. Though Courtney is most familiar with writing for the humanities, she is happy to work with students from a variety of disciplines. In her free time, Courtney loves watching movies and TV shows. She is also a member of the swim team here at WAC! 

Anissa is one of the front desk attendants at the Writing Center. She is in the class of 2027, majoring in Business Management and English and minoring in Communications and Media Studies as well as Education Studies (Secondary Education Certification). Anissa loves helping people, whether they need someone to talk to or just someone to listen. In her free time, she loves watching action/adventure mvoies and shopping.

Delaney is a senior English major with minors in Education Studies, Creative Writing, and JEP. In addition to her academics, she serves as the president of Zeta Tau Alpha, a copy editor for The Elm, and the editor-in-chief for The Pegasus. She is thrilled to finally be a writing center tutor and work on writing with fellow students at WAC!

Haily is one of the front desk attendants at the Writing Center. She is in the class of 2024, majoring in Biology and minoring in Public Health. On campus, she is the President of the Black Student Union. She is also a peer mentor and a George's General. Outside of school, she has a tuxedo cat named Rei whom she cherishes deeply.  

Lucy is a junior English major with minors in Creative Writing and Journalism, Editing, & Publishing. In addition to the Writing Center, she works in Miller Library, gives tours of the Rose O’Neill Literary House, is Prose Editor for Collegian, and is Managing Editor for Washington College Review. When not at one of her many campus jobs, she can be found at Writers Union and Film Club meetings. Some of her interests include Taylor Swift, Alcatraz, and BBC’s 1995 Pride and Prejudice.