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Student Forms

Negotiating the path through a degree program shouldn’t be a headache!

This page is intended to help you take charge! The table below lists the many forms that involve the Registrar’s Office in some capacity. Scroll down to download the forms you need and start streamlining your life.

How to use this page

You will notice three columns below. The first column lists the name of the form. In some cases, this name is an active link to a secondary page that describes the related process in greater detail. The second and third columns list the printable and interactive versions of each form.

Interactive Forms: Students may complete any interactive form on their computer to speed up the process of submitting the form to the Registrar’s Office. In some cases, the student must send the form to a faculty member (advisor, department chair and/or program coordinator) who must sign the form prior to submission. When no faculty signature is required, interactive forms with a digital signature option may be signed and submitted as an email attachment directly to the Registrar’s Office — only when sent from a WC student email account! Other forms require a physical signature and must be printed out for submission, but students can still fill out the rest of the form on their computer prior to printing.

Records and Registration Forms
Drop/Add Form printable interactive
Course Withdrawal Form printable interactive
GEO Study Abroad Approval printable  

Enrollment Verification Request

If you would like to request a letter verifying your enrollment for the current semester at Washington College, you can send your request to . Please indicate if you would like to receive an e-copy of this letter or if it needs to be mailed to a specific address. This letter will include the day you started attending the College, your enrollment status for the current semester, the degree you are pursuing, and anticipated graduation date.

These requests are completed by student request only.


Graduation Application

Students intending to graduate either the Fall or Spring terms must submit their Graduation Application October 15th, using the Graduation Application tab in self-service.

Students who are within 8 credits of graduation may petition the Provost to participate in Commencement ceremonies. In order to be considered, applications must be received no later than 24 hours after the submission of final grades. 




online form




Independent Study/On-Campus Research Registration printable interactive

Major-Minor Declaration

How do you declare your major? There are several ways:

You can reach out to the Department Chair of your preferred major via email. Once it’s approved you can forward their email approval to

You can reach out to the Department Chair to schedule a meeting and the Chair can reach out to to request your record is updated.

You may also complete the Major/Minor Declaration Forms on the Student Forms page and send them to

Not sure who chairs the department you want to declare your major in? Click here.

printable interactive

Petition Academic Policies

Students may petition the Committee on Academic Standing and Advising (CASA) for an exception to any academic policy. Policies can be found in the course catalog. Students should generally refer to the catalog that was published the year they matriculated. 

  CASA Webpage
Non-Degree Student Registration printable  
Student Release for Greek Life printable  
Transfer Credit Request printable  
Transcript Release form for Letters of Recommendation for more information, please visit this page:   interactive
Change of Address printable  
VA Benefits Form printable  
Chosen Name Form printable  

Apostille Request Form

If you need to request a school certified document go through the apostille process, please send an email to to place this request. Due to the nature of this request, it may take 2-6 weeks to complete this request.



Internship, Off-Campus Research, and Externship/Job Shadowing Forms
For-Credit Internship/Off-Campus Research Registration Visit the Center for Career Development for more information.
Non-Credit Internship Reporting printable interactive
Externship/Job Shadowing Reporting printable interactive

Note: Students will find full information on the registration process for internships at the Center for Career Development page. Each of the above forms must be completed pursuant to the directions on this site.

WC Employee Benefit Registration Forms
Dependent Student Tuition Waiver/Registration printable  
Employee Tuition Waiver/Registration printable  
Tuition Exchange Annual Renewal printable  
Tuition Exchange Application printable  


Foreign Language Forms
Foreign Language Exemption Form printable  
Foreign Language Substitution Form printable