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Student Forms

Negotiating the path through a degree program shouldn’t be a headache!

Apostille Diploma / Full Legalization Request

This form is for alumni who need to provide an apostilled or fully legalized diploma to an international government or institution

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Catalog Declaration

Students who are declaring a major and/or minor program that was added or updated AFTER they joined the college must submit this in addition to the regular Major/Minor form

Change of Address
Chosen Name Form
Course Withdrawal
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Drop/Add Form
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Enrollment Verification Request

Students may choose to have the Registrar's office write an enrollment verification letter on their behalf.

These letters are completed by student request only.

Foreign Language Exemption
Foreign Language Substitution
GEO Study Abroad Approval printable  

Graduation Application

This form now lives in students' Self-Service. Students with questions or special circumstances should email [email protected].
Fall 2023 application deadline: October 1, 2023
Spring 2024 application deadline: Febaruary 1, 2024
Summer 2024 application deadline: April 1, 2024








Graduation Petition to Walk Early

Students who are within 8 credits of graduation may petition the Provost to participate in Commencement ceremonies. In order to be considered, applications must be received no later than 24 hours after the submission of final grades.

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High School Dual Enrollment Registration

Please use the Non-Degree Student Registration form below.


Incarcerated Student Registration

This form is to be used only by incarcerated students participating in a Washington-College-administered program.


Independent Study/On-Campus Research Registration

For off-campus internship opportunities, please visit the Career Center's webpage, as those applications and posting are maintained by that office.

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Major-Minor Declaration

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Non-Degree Student Registration

This form should be used by community members wishing to audit or enroll in a class, as well as by high school dual-enrollment students who are interested in taking a Washington College course for credit.


Petition Academic Policies

Students may petition the Committee on Academic Standing and Advising (CASA) for an exception to any academic policy. Policies can be found in the course catalog. Students should generally refer to the catalog that was published the year they matriculated. 

  CASA Webpage
Student Release for Greek Life printable  

Transfer Credit Request

These forms should be completed and signed prior to taking the course(s) students are requesting to bring in for credit.


Transcript Release form for Letters of Recommendation

VA Benefits Form printable  


Internships, Externships, Research & Job Shadowing Forms

For-Credit Internship/Off-Campus Research Registration

For-credit internships are completed through the Center for Career Development office. Please visit their website for more information and to access their internship portal.

 CCD website
Non-Credit Internship Reporting printable interactive
Externship/Job Shadowing Reporting printable interactive

WC Employee Benefit Registration Forms

Dependent Student Tuition Waiver/Registration printable
Employee Tuition Waiver/Registration printable
Tuition Exchange Annual Renewal printable
Tuition Exchange Application printable