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Migration Timing

Migration Timing

Banding Charts

Click on the links below to see timing of migration for birds captured at FBBO between 1999 and 2009. Weather patterns and banding effort (hours with nets open and number of nets) can have huge impacts on capture rates. Many birds breed and/or winter around the banding area, so when looking at the charts keep in mind that the large number of birds caught on August 1st aren’t necessarily migrants, but rather mostly are birds that bred and hatched around the station (e.g. Field Sparrows). Because we start fall banding August 1st we miss the start of migration for several species (e.g. Yellow Warblers and Empidonax flycatchers) as they start moving south in July.

Numbers used for the charts below are made up of new birds caught, repeats and returns. The charts below are modeled on those done by Braddock Bay Bird Observatory. Comparisons can be made between the timing of migration by birds at Braddock Bay Bird Observatory in New York and movements of birds here at FBBO.

Additional species will be added as more banding data is collected.

All files are PDF.