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Bird Observatory

Bird Observatory

Originally founded under the name Chino Farms Banding Station, Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory has been in operation at its current location since 1998.

Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory

We are the only major migratory bird banding station operating on the eastern shore of Maryland. Located on the upper eastern shore 3 miles northeast of Chestertown, MD, we are in a rural area. The habitats at the station include fallow fields, hedgerows, early successional shrub/scrub, second-growth woodlands, mature wood lots and the open water and mud flats of Foreman’s Branch.

What’s in a name?

FBBO took its name from the local branch of water that runs into the Chester River. Foreman’s Branch flows parallel to the banding area and its source is located approximately 5 miles to the south. Its waters provide refuge to thousands of migrating and wintering ducks and geese and important stopover habitat for shorebirds as well as a breeding area for Wood Ducks.