Washington College prides itself on our safe campus and strong fraternal and athletic background. Hazing is unacceptable both on and off campus.

Hazing is prohibited per the College Honor Code, National Fraternity/Sorority Headquarters policies, NCAA, and Maryland state law. Consent to hazing is not an acceptable justification or legal defense.

Washington College seeks to promote a safe and secure environment where the rights and dignity of all community members are respected. New and initiated chapter members as well as athletes are provided with relevant hazing information and educational resources to eliminate its practice.

What is Hazing?

Any action taken, created, or intended, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule that is directed at new or prospective members of a recognized student organization. Such actions may be perpetrated by an individual, an individual against an organization, or an organization against an individual.”  

For examples please refer to the full anti-hazing policy available in the side bar.

How to report a hazing incident

Hazing Report Form

You may report hazing allegations online (by using the above form) or by contacting any of the below staff members. 

  • Sarah Feyerherm, Vice President for Student Affairs, ext. 7752
  • Candace Wannamaker, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, ext. 7752
  • Ursula Herz, Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life, ext. 7752
  • Elaine Grant, Director of Student Engagement, ext. 7146
  • Brandon McFayden, Director of Public Safety, ext. 7810
  • Sue Golinski, Associate Director of Public Safety, ext. 7810
  • Sarah Tansits, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, ext. 6118

Hazing Prevention Week 2020

September 21-25, 2020 - Events TBD