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RA Application

RA Application

SPRING RA Recruitment

Residential Life  looks for outstanding upperclass students to fill these important leadership roles. The RAs are a respected group of students that have the ability to create opportunities for the greater campus community and the communities in their assigned halls.  They help Washington College be all it can be for every student!  

Applications (see below)

Applications for Fall typically open up the January before, and applications for spring (if any positions are available) typically open up October before.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are held before applications are due and are typically run by RAs and Area Coordinators.

Interview Process

The interview process consists of a group interview and a personal interview. Interviews are offered based on resume and references.


Training is mandatory and typically starts 8-10 days before the classes start.

Step 1:  Application

Applicants have to complete an online application including naming 2 references.  All applicants should bring their resume and cover letter drafts to Career Services to have them reviewed prior to submission. 

You will need to upload a cover letter and resume with your online application. 

  • Your cover letter should include thorough answers to the following:
    • What are some of your talents and skills demonstrated in your experiences that you will contribute to Residential Life? What skills have you learned from previous work experiences?
    • What skills do you need to develop for your future career? How will the position of RA help you learn those skills?
    • Give us an example of something you have done to enhance your ability to engage with and knowledge of people or cultures different then your own.
  • Applicants are strongly urged to go to the Career Center for assistance on their cover letter and resume. 

Step 2: References


Step 3: Group Process

Application materials will be reviewed and a limited number of candidates invited to participate in group process. Group process  is usually held on a  Saturday  from 10-12.   Group process is a series of group problem solving activities that allow candidates to interact with each other. 

Step 4: Individual Interviews

Based upon the results of group process, individual interviews will then be offered to a more limited number of candidates. 


Still have questions?  Contact Nakia Johnson, Area Coordinator!