Eric Bishop '22

    Major: Business Management
    Minor: Information Systems

    My history is quite diverse and prolonged; hobbies include trombone instrumental performance in concert, marching, and jazz bands, maintenance of purple martin colonies, canine animal keeping, modern history studies, freshwater tropical fish keeping, world travel, electronics, technology, plastic model airplane kits, and jigsaw puzzle assembly.  My professional goals are primarily those of leadership to help others find solutions against problems that cause unnecessary struggle. 

    Favorite Classes and Professors

    An answer here is extremely difficult and unfortunately not possible. Each of the WC classes and faculty with which I was involved had a significant impact during my time as a student and I am greatly appreciative of all. My senior advisor, Dr. Susan Vowels, recommended a path I had based on my history of education. Her guidance helped lead me toward the proper path; coupling my previous coursework with new courses that led me to the education I have earned.

    Fondest WC Memory

    A major expansion of my knowledge and a concrete understanding that I should take full advantage of any chance that is presented; that chance is presented only once.  This included a step back in time during a Study Abroad experience for BUS 330; the International Business Experience in 2017.  This trip that included a tour of one of the oldest libraries in the world: The Long Room in the Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, est. 1732.  At Trinity College I had the change to view one of the oldest surviving illuminated manuscripts, the Book of Kells.  The amount I learned in my time as a student helped me gain a great amount of perspective for myself and a great appreciation for my accomplishments.  This education was a major step toward a realization of my peripheral vision not previously understood; an accomplishment which helped shape my path toward my future.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    WC helped prepare me for life much later in my life; with an accomplishment of skills and knowledge to achieve what I could not have accomplished much earlier in my life,


    Should an opportunity present itself my best advice to new students is to take full advantage at the first turn possible, never turn down a chance for help, and know when stop and when to ask for help.  Life will never follow the same path you expect and you should be fully prepared for any path you must take however and whenever that path changes.  The path of life will never be as smooth or straight as we expect; this is a fact of life we will all eventually learn but only one of advice I can share at this point.