Elizabeth Tilley '22

    Major: Psychology and Art + Art History

    My current professional goals are to pursue careers in the mental health field as a mental health worker, apply for a ADT certificate, and gain experience towards community involvement. Some hobbies of mine are painting, playing music (guitar, piano, and bass guitar), reading, writing, hiking, and yoga! I am very passionate about creating accessible basic needs for the community and establishing plans or goals towards making a place better for everyone and the environment regardless of socioeconomic background.

    Favorite Professor and Class

    The class that had the biggest impact on me was taking Drugs + Behavior with Dr. Weil the fall of my sophomore year. It pivoted me towards wanting to study psychology, specifically addiction and the neuroscience behind addiction.

    Fondest WC Memory

    My fondest WC memory was starting back up the Art + Art History club. It was a lot of work but completely worth it. I got to connect with so many students who wanted a space to create and have a good time.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Washington College could not have prepared me better for the future. I am able to ability my different learned abilities towards any job or further education. I am able to use resources provided to me to problem solve and get something done efficiently and accurately.


    Try everything and practice saying yes! You will be shocked with how many opportunities WAC is able to supply to its students.