Nina Flynn '21

    Major: Business Management
    Minor: Studio Art

    During my couple years at Washington College, I had to opportunity to establish and manage a small business in Rock Hall called Fresh Start Food and Garden. Fresh Start Food and Garden is a specialty grocery store that carries local produce, gourmet foods, plants, decor and more. While managing a business and finishing school, I gained a lot of insight on what it means to be an entrepreneur, which encouraged me to complete a business management degree. Now, I am continuing to manage operations, marketing, finances and more of Fresh Start Food and Garden. In addition, I create custom art for local residents and collections for local galleries to exhibit.

    Favorite Professor

    Professor Bauer. He took interest in my "unconventional" college path and helped guide me in the right direction for how to manage school while operating a business.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Attending WC allowed me to meet some genuine friends, professors and other staff who I would consider family. Some of these people have been the most supportive, helpful and loving individuals during and after my college journey.


    Always follow your heart and pursue what makes you feel the happiest, and fulfilled. Prior to WC, I was studying at Bates College as a Neuroscience student. I believed that gaining a neuroscience degree would provide me more money-making jobs. However, I was not happy taking neuroscience classes, nor was I passionate about it. Not until Fresh Start was established, I began to learn that I deeply honor my small community and I felt fulfilled by providing a service to my neighbors — as simple as selling a homegrown tomato.