Nicole Golembrosky '20

    Major: Business Management and Economics

    After graduating from Washington College, I began working as a contractor doing change management work for Cisco Systems, a large technology company. I have since transitioned to working as a full-time remote Business Operations Analyst at Cisco, helping to create processes for our organization and understanding our performance metrics.

    Fondest WC Memory

    I have so many amazing memories from my time at Washington College, but my favorite moments were from my short-term study abroad programs. I had the opportunity to take advantage of three trips, one to Cuba and two to Europe, thanks to the Cater Society of Junior Fellows. While my trips themselves were amazing, the people I met and what I learned helped shape my direction of my career and life. 

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Having the ability to take a wide range of classes and get involved in multiple programs helped me to discover my passions and have a clearer sense of what career I wanted to pursue. The education I received has made me more adaptable in how I approach problems as well as prepared me for the rigor of the corporate world.


    Take advantage of all the opportunities in front of you. While you will learn a lot in your academic classes, there is so much more to experience. Join the club you aren’t quite sure about, study abroad if you can, and take advantage of the academic programs available to you such as the Brown Advisory or the Cater Society of Junior Fellows. You never know what passions you will discover, or doors that these experiences will open for you.