Alexa Reed '20

    Major: Environmental Studies
    Minors: Earth & Planetary Sciences and English

     I am passionate about fostering connections with the natural world through immersive education. Currently, I am a grant writer working with municipalities, which is a highly rewarding job. In my free time, I love to exercise, whether it is walking, yoga, lifting, etc., and find joy in reading, cooking, and organizing.

    Favorite Professors and Classes

    Dr. Meehan's American Environmental Writing class helped me to develop my own environmental philosophy, and gave me a profound insight into environmental writing. I also loved Dr. Gillin's Romanticism class, he is so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    I minored in Earth & Planetary Sciences and English, which in addition to my Environmental Studies degree, helped to set me up for future jobs. At my current job, I write every day.


    Take this opportunity to learn about yourself and pursue different/new interests! Try to be present as often as you can and above all, take care of yourself.