Virginia Parker '19

    Major: Environmental Science

    I'm currently employed by CEMAsys, a Norwegian company that just opened a new office in Boston where I work. I assist companies completing their carbon accounting, setting science-based targets to reduce emissions, and aid in reporting and climate disclosures. I'm passionate about climate change and sustainability. At WAC, I participated in the CES Field Sparrow internship, Ecuador study abroad, Cuba study abroad, and a NOAA internship in Seattle. After WAC, I completed a year with the Chesapeake Conservation Corps with Maryland Coastal Bays Program and then completed my Master's Degree at UNCW in Coastal Management.

    Favorite Professor

    Dr Connaughton. I originally came to WAC as a bio major, wanting to become a physician's assistant. But after a required ecology class with Dr. Connaughton my sophomore year, I knew my passion laid with the environment. I changed my major, not knowing much about this new field. Best decision I ever made. So thankful I made it into that class as a sophomore. Dr. Connaughton's passion for ecology and the way he made the class fun and interesting changed my entire life trajectory.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Rushing AOII. I found a second family with a group of girls who made the experience so fun and exciting.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Washington College prepared me well, teaching me important foundations that I have come to realize in my professional life that have set me apart. The internships and experiences I was able to gain as an undergrad set me up to have strong applications.


    Enjoy college. Take advantage of the social aspects as well. There are support systems available, you just have to find your people. Also, internships, internships, internships. Summer in college is the best time to gain experience prior to applying to entry level jobs that still require experience. Also, take advantage of office hours, tutors, etc. They're there to help!