Victoria Maas '19

    Major: English and Political Science

    Communications Coordinator at Maryland Association of Counties in Annapolis. Lobbying for Maryland's 23 counties and Baltimore City to the Maryland state government. Hobbies include dancing, painting, traveling, and hiking. I am now a proud U.S. Navy wife!

    Favorite Professors and Classes

    • Dr. Gillin (all of his classes!)
    • Dr. Wade Peace and Conflict Theory
    • Dr. Deckman women in politics, Training Ms. President, and internship at MD General Assembly

    Fondest WC Memory

    Student Government Association, Kappa Sigma pancake and formals, Sho'troupe performances, giving a speech at birthday convocation, sledding down the Cater Walk during a blizzard freshman year, sailing on the Chester, and so much more!

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    My professors and internships that WC provided me with made a lasting impact on my life and career. Student Government gave me the leadership skills needed to succeed, and my volunteer opportunities and jobs such as Honor Board Chair and writing tutor set me up for success in high profile government jobs. I was always encouraged to reach for more and given opportunities I could never imagine like being a delegate at a West Point international affairs conference (SCUSA) and working at the Library of Congress.


    Take advantage of everything WC has to offer and really find a place to plug in or start your own club or activity! Being involved in Student Government however that may be was a huge launching pad for me, so I would encourage you to join in some capacity and invest in your college community.