Megan Rowan '19

    Major: Psychology (Experimental Track)
    Minor: Public Health

    I am a student nurse at Johns Hopkins University, graduating with my MSN in May '23. Additionally, I work in the Pediatric Emergency Department at the University of Maryland Medical Center and plan to pursue pediatric nursing upon licensure. When I am not studying, you can find me hiking, running, cheering on the Ravens, and exploring the little nooks in my city. I am a proud Baltimore native, and am happy to once again call it home.

    Favorite Professor

    Dr. Tia Murphy is ultimately the reason that I chose to pursue developmental psychology, and now more broadly, child health. I spent two summers with the Toll Research Program working in her Child Development Lab, and the mentorship she provided continues to be invaluable.

    Fondest WC Memory

    There are so many memories that I look back on fondly, but it is the little moments that I think of the most. Studying with my best friends in the Toll Science Center, late night Taco Bell runs, day trips to Betterton Beach, living in Carroll with my AXO sisters — to name a few.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    A liberal arts education has given me a wide set of skills that I can apply to my career. The critical thinking skills I acquired in my classes has allowed me to look at problems from many angles, which has served me well when entering healthcare. My leadership positions in Caring for Kids and Alpha Chi Omega both specifically developed teamwork skills that I carry with me today. WAC is a unique community, and I have continued to form connections with fellow alumni even after graduation.


    Try new things in your four years! The experiences that stick may surprise you, and it will allow you to form connections with people outside of your major. Actually get to know your professors, and if you have the opportunity to work with a professor in your area of interest, take advantage of it!