James Mitchell '17

    Major: Americans Studies

    I'm a history consultant at History Associates, Inc., where I conduct research, gather evidence, and inform the present. Using history, I complete projects which provide clients with materials for litigation, corporate histories for businesses, DEI training for major companies, and exhibits for museums.

    Favorite Classes and Professors

    Naming one class would be too difficult, but there were several which really prepared me for graduate school, my job, and life more broadly: Dr. Deckman's Religion and Politics; Prof. Meehan's American Environmental Writing; and Prof. Miller's American history classes. Professor Prud'homme provided a great deal of support. And Professor Wilson pushed me to develop clear arguments, while encouraging me to be a better student.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Before orientation, I participated in the Sail the Sultana program, sponsored by the Starr Center. It was such a great experience to sail along the Chester River, over the course of several days. As I entered my last year at WC, I returned as a student mentor on the trip. It was a great bookend to my WC experience. But throughout my time at WC, I worked with the Starr Center — a wonderful place, with great people, and enriching support.

    Let's Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    WC provided me with exceptional resources and opportunities: the Starr Center and an internship in the Office of the Historian, US House of Representatives; the Maryland General Assembly internship, guided by Dr. Deckman; the Institute for Religion, Politics and Culture and its Oxford program; jobs at the Writing Center and the Office of Academic Skills. Each of these experiences shaped me as a professional and a lifelong learner.


    Don't settle on a major too quickly. Take classes in several departments and programs. Be curious, ask questions, go to office hours. Enjoy Chestertown and all its quaint shops, restaurants, scenes. Make connections and relationships.