Emma Buchman '17

    Major: International Studies and French

    Professional writer and community organizer; Chernobyl troubadour.

    Favorite Professors and Classes

    The two classes that had the biggest impact on me were The Politics of Inequality and Human Rights & Social Justice. All of my professors were crucial to my journey, but Prof. Maynard, Dr. Oros, Prof. Pears, and Dr. Wade deserve special shoutouts.

    Fondest WC Memory

    As grand as watching fireworks on the roof of the Palace of Westminster in London to as quiet as sitting in Sophie's Cafe with a chocolate chip muffin working on my thesis.

    Let's Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    I often feel better prepared for challenges in my career based on the things I learned at Washington College. Many challenges that WAC presented gave me invaluable experience that would help me confront problems more confidently later. Plus, it made me a better and more confident writer!


    Amplify the voices of the most marginalized among you; be kind to others; seek out things that give you peace; and know that if you keep working hard, doing what you think is right, and treating people with dignity, things will fall into place as they should.