Brittany Dunbar '11

    Major: Business Management and Art & Art History

    I'm a full-time small business owner and absolutely love it! What began as a hobby in college has now turned into a successful art-based business, which combines skills I learned from both my major and minor at WAC. I run a wedding and portrait photography business as well as a creative studio, which provides a space for other artists and small business owners to learn and grow. Outside of work I love to travel, hike and spend time on mental health advocacy.

    Favorite Professor

    I had so many wonderful professors, it's hard to pick just one but Professor Terry Scout still has a strong lasting impression on me all these years later. Professor Scout and I didn't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, which challenged me to think differently and to learn how to respect opposite viewpoints in the world. There were times I would leave his office so frustrated because of how hard he was on me, but now I'm grateful for how much he pushed me because it helped me develop a strong work ethic and find my voice in the world.

    Fondest WC Memory

    I loved all of my time at WAC but the absolute best memory I have is the day I walked across the stage and became  a first generation college graduate. Second runner up would be my time as a peer mentor.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    I could easily list 100 ways that WAC prepared me for life. I think the greatest progression I made in my time there was developing my own identity and ability to think creatively.


    My advice to current and future students is to get involved with as much as you can during your time at WAC. College is the perfect time to try different things, fail fast, meet new people and really find yourself. Academics are important but I see them as just one piece of the puzzle. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Also, if you get the opportunity, go abroad for a semester. Spending a semester in Paris my junior year was a liberating and life altering experience and I'm forever grateful for that time.