Katy Fluhr Carlsward '05

    Major: Business Management and Economics

    Since graduation I have worked and/or volunteered in a variety of financial-related positions — banking, financial counseling with the military, bankruptcy counseling, administration, mortgage cross-sell, bookkeeping, and financial management. In addition to being a military spouse and mom, I am currently a national volunteer with Zeta Tau Alpha supervising the operations of three collegiate chapters and managing the finances of a fourth chapter, the Treasurer-Elect for my local Junior League chapter, and a trail host and administrative volunteer at the local zoo. I am fortunate to be able to use my financial education and professional training in a volunteer capacity.

    Favorite Classes and Professors

    I truly don’t have one class or professor that I can single out. The combination of classes I took and professors I interacted with in the Business Management and Economics departments, as well as my electives, contributed to my overall experience and the person I am today. Some were more challenging than others and I didn’t always “like” them at the time, but looking back on my experience, each class and professor taught me something valuable. 

    Fondest WC Memory

    I received a grant from the Society of Junior Fellows that allowed me to participate in a two-week “Business in Europe” experience with seven other students and one of our professors. We completed a program with Leiden University that included lectures and visits to a variety of businesses and organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Not only was it an incredible opportunity to learn about the operations and business practices of the entities we visited, but it was also the first time I traveled outside North America — even better, I received four credits!

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    WC prepared me for what I am currently doing by helping me figure out who I am, what motivates me, and how I want to contribute to the world. Without the variety of experiences — classes, organizations, peer groups, and employment opportunities — I would not be as self-aware and content as I am today.


    Try anything and everything that interests you. You may arrive at WC with a very clear plan of what you want to do after college, but one experience in another area might introduce you to something that is a better fit or help you refine your plans.