Tom Briggs '99

    Major: Humanities

    Since graduation, I worked in Georgia, on the golden isles, Florida on the gulf coast, Salem Bay in Massachusetts, on Great Misery Island, Washington DC as a floating truck driver, the Gulf of Maine on the Isles of Shoals, the Chesapeake Bay, at Echo Hill Outdoor School, the Port of Wilmington DE as an oil terminal operator, Casco Bay in Maine, as a marine construction worker, ocean farmer, and now sightseeing tour boat captain.  Hoping to buy a farm in Dexter Maine, and get a chance to live out my days by lake Wassookeag.  

    Favorite Professors

    John Wagner, Gena Porto, Peter Wakefield, Richard DeProspo.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Working at the boathouse.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    I got to read things I never would have thought to read, and discuss them with people who I never would have met otherwise. 


    Sit in the front row.  Take notes.  Ask questions.  Don't wear a hat in class.