Jemima LaClair Clark '95

    Majors: Biology and Art

    I wear many different hats at CES! My main focus is on student engagement, recruitment & retention. I design and host Summer Conferences for high school students, work to select and engage with our CES Fellows and develop events to highlight the interdisciplinary work at CES. I teach the Integrated Course for the Chesapeake Semester and occasionally Science Methods classes for pre-service teachers. I work with State & Local agencies and public schools to provide consultation for Environmental Literacy planning and other green initiatives statewide.

    Favorite Class

    Dr. Kate Verville—amazingly smart, great teacher, inspired love of learning and wonder! Also she was a brilliant model for being a fantastic working mom, & spouse as well as really focusing on the value of authentic relationships.

    Fondest WC Memory

    So many! Dancing in the quad dorms. Laughing in the living room of Cardinal. Working late in the pottery studio. Cheering on the crew races. Making lifelong friendships.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    ABSOLUTELY! My classes and opportunity for exploration thoroughly established not only a strong knowledge base but also built immense confidence in my own abilities.


    Try anything once. Take classes you know nothing about or try a new sport, art course, music, etc. You never know where you'll find your passion.