Ciaran O'Keeffe '94

    Majors: Psychology and Music

    As a Parapsychologist (the scientific study of the paranormal, specifically ESP, PK and Survival After Death), Ciaran O'Keeffe works in ghosts, particularly haunting and poltergeist experiences. Providing a skeptical voice to various paranormal television shows (e.g. Most Haunted, Ghost Adventurers, Celebrity Ghost Hunt Live etc.) and daytime TV in addition to providing expert input on Applied Psychology, he is the Associate Head of School of Human & Social Sciences at Buckinghamshire New University where he is responsible for various programs including criminological psychology and criminology and forensic studies. His research has been reported in The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, New Scientist and on BBC.

    He has contributed to, and consulted on, many paranormal documentaries and also provided accounts of daily activities to inform the lead (Andrew Lincoln) from AMC's The Walking Dead. He credits his alma mater with giving him the critical thinking skills needed when assessing claims of the paranormal.

    Favorite Class

    The Psychology Department at the time was happy to supervise my final year thesis on Paranormal Beliefs & Experiences as long as I could secure additional supervision from an expert in the field.

    Fondest WC Memory

    WAC Rugby and scoring winning try against Salisbury in final of President's Cup. Also having three wonderful years in International House!

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    The liberal arts education provided me with transferable skills that I use in my research, my lecturing, my writing and my media work.


    Find your strengths and make them stronger. Find your purpose, your reason for being, what the Japanese call “Ikigai” — pursue that in your studies and work and you will be happy.