Suzanne Hewes '91

    Major: Biology
    After Washington College earned Masters in Biomedical Science and Physician Assistant.

    I am a team member for the first MIEMSS (state) designated Thrombectomy Capable Primary Stroke Center in the state of Maryland! As a Physician Assistant, I care for our stroke patients and those who have cerebral abnormalities. To quote Sherry Magill, former Vice President to Washington College President, Douglas Cater (1982-1990). “The education you will experience here, in truth, isn’t entirely about you. It is about us. The collective ‘we’.  A purpose beyond self.  A community purpose.  A larger public purpose.” I believe this truly resonates with me, my start at Washington College, and what I have done beyond graduation. I believe strongly in giving back of my time, talent and treasure to Washington College.

    Favorite Professors

    I was influenced by all the faculty and Deans. They nurtured, they challenged, they filled me with knowledge and questions. But they also encouraged that drive to continue to improve myself; to keep learning. I am the epitome of lifelong learning.

    Fondest WC Memory

    There is not one memory, there are a life time of memories of fun, awesome people, and heartfelt moments.  And I will cherish them all.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    I was introduced to the profession of Physician Assistant through a chain of events at Washington College. In my Sophomore year, I took Medical Ethics with Dr. J. David Newell. Dr. Newell took our class to John Hopkins Medical School, to participate in a Medical Ethics discussion with a team of Oncologist, headed by Dr. Michael Colvin. Dr. Colvin then introduced me to Dr. Stuart Grossman, who took me on his daily rounds along with his Physician Assistant. I knew I wanted to work in medicine, but I had no Idea that the career choice of Physician Assistant would enable me to do so many different things.

    My initial Physician Assistant position was working as first assist to many Neurosurgeons and caring for all of their patients in either the hospital or the clinic.  I also held positions in hospital administration and helped to start a Readmission Prevention Program to lower hospital readmission rates and ultimately try to save the hospital money. In this position I honed in on my skills to connect with patients and their families, and to make sure that the patient understood their medical conditions and treatment plans. I then took all of my clinical experience to help propel the next generations of Physician Assistants, by teaching at a Physician Assistant program. And now I am back to my roots of caring for patients with Neurological disorders, concentrating in the care of stroke patients.


    To the Washington College Students, this place is AMAZING! The advances that have been made to the campus and faculty since I left are incredible and I would come back here and do it all over again in a heartbeat. Life is an experience, it's a journey. Make the most of it and be happy. To quote my Dad, "High school, College — mere stepping stones of life; atom’s core, stars’ reach, and oceans’ abyss. Demarcate the limits of your predecessors. We anticipate the sculping of new bounds is — in your hands!"