Juliet Gilden '90

    Major: Fine Arts and Art Education

    Juliet Gilden is an artist who primarily paints acrylics on paper and canvas.  Her studio is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Juliet's free-form style reinterprets reality on her own loose terms, showing the world she sees as sunny, funny and optimistic. She is Influenced by an eclectic mix of styles and artists — everything from surrealism to realism, Bottecelli to Botero.  Mostly, however, she is inspired by the works of her own mother, Miriam Bransky Gilden, a respected professional artist of more than 60 years before she passed away in October 2013. Juliet's subjects include women at their most vulnerable and powerful, animals — both domestic and wild, astrology, and social justice.

    Favorite Class

     I loved my art history class.  I grew up painting, drawing attending museums and loving anything art related.  Once I started learning about art history though I became even more fascinated with the entire subject.  This class is what made me realize that I wanted to be an art major.  

    Fondest WC Memory

    My fondest memory of WC was my roommate — Susie Chase.  We became instant friends over the phone before even meeting each other.  I spent all of my time with Susie laughing and discussing classes and learning about a person who grew up in a completely different background from me.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Washington College prepared me to question and discuss things prior to making rash decisions.  The college taught me to look at various perspectives and viewpoints.


    Enjoy your time in college.  It is likely to be the only time in life when you are free to learn, discuss, debate and socialize in an easy and relaxed way.