Kim Cavolo '89

    Major: Psychology

    As a Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Aging Gracefully Coach, Kim works with her clients in and outside the gym to support a fit and healthy lifestyle that is customized to meet individual needs. The mother of two sons holds a Masters degree in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. As someone who enjoys exercise and helping people, Kim decided to leave her office job with Astra Zeneca in 2018 to become a personal trainer helping people fight depression and poor health while staying fit herself.

    Favorite Class

    Cognitive Psychology with Dr. Spilich. He is so engaging. I could feel his passion for the subject, and he made his knowledge look so effortless.

    Fondest WC Memory

    I remember the day I completed my thesis. It was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment, and I enjoyed all the camaraderie of the Psychology Department throughout the process of writing it.

    The night I got an open bid from the AOpi Sorority was very special. I was so surprised and honored.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    WC gave me a broad knowledge base that has allowed me to relate to other people and build relationships. My psychology major afforded me the knowledge of behavior change and the principles of learning.


    Do what aligns with your values. Sometimes it takes a while to discern that, or you need to do something you don’t like to move to the job you want. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself If you feel you are in the wrong place. Taking those leaps of faith brings growth.