John Buettner ’89

    Major: Philosophy
    Minor: German

    I am a university Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communications and have worked in higher education marketing, communications, and public relations for more than 23 years. In fact, I got my start on this particular career path at Washington College in 2000 as Director of Media Relations.

    Favorite Class

    My German language and literature courses, various Philosophy and Religion courses, and Professor Gillin's 18th Century English Literature course. All of those classes made a deep impact on my perspectives and my lifelong learning and thinking.

    Fondest WC Memory

    Bicycling on the backroads of Kent County on moonlit nights; studying and dreaming on the Boat House float piers; the annual German Club Oktoberfest; and deep, late-night conversations with friends—at least we thought they were “deep”!

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts

    Washington College blessed me in two ways, several years apart. First with an education and professors that enriched my mind and broadened my perspectives, and later with a higher education career path and wonderful, caring, and creative colleagues whom I loved in the Office of College Relations. We called it the “CR Way”, and it was a working team and a family!


    Learn deeply then work, and then keep on learning as you work.