Chris Dollar '88

    Major: American Studies

    Depends on the time of year. Spring to late fall I'm either working at, my kayak fishing store in Centreville, MD, or fish guiding. In between I spend my time working on fishery policy and writing columns about Chesapeake outdoors.

    Favorite professor 

    Man, that was a long time ago, in another world almost. I suppose Bob Fallaw. I enjoyed how he questioned the common myths about American society, culture, and history.

    Fondest Memory 

    Certainly playing lacrosse and friendships formed. I really enjoyed writing for The Pilot, a "start-up" newspaper housed off campus  in a small office off High Street I think. Steve Meehan '87 started it. We had Apple desktop computers and it was a helluva lot of fun writing about WC sports. Working for Mr. Pritz (Bob Pritzlaf '85) in his store Towne Sports was a hoot, too.

    Let’s Hear It for the Liberal Arts 

    I wasn't what anyone would call academically ambitious. But I was, and remain, intellectually curious. That instinct--if you can call it that--and the ability to think creatively and critically, were reinforced at WC especially by the small classes. WC helped me in my writing via the required discipline of meeting deadlines, shaping ideas and articulating them into coherent sentences.  I'd have been lost in the sauce at a large college/university.


    Hmm, I might be the wrong guy for that. Question concepts and ideas, value friendships, take chances but keep your head on a swivel. And get outside as much as possible, the Chester is an awesome river. Life goes by fast, college faster, so enjoy the ride.