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Charter Members

Charter Members

Charter membership of the Theta of Maryland was extended to faculty members and College administrators who were initiated as Phi Beta Kappa members at the institutions granting their undergraduate degrees.

Christopher Ames (Provost and Dean of the College)

T. Clayton Black (History)

Jeffrey D. Brown (Biology)

Martin A. Connaughton (Biology)

W. Robert Fallaw (History)

Alisha R. Knight (English)

Juan Lin (Physics)

Katherine S. Maynard (French)

Davy H. McCall (Economics)

Corey A. Olsen (English)

Andrew L. Oros (Political Science)

Rosette M. Roat-Malone (Chemistry)

Ruth C. Shoge (Miller Library)

John B. Taylor (Political Science)

Baird Tipson (President of the College)

John S. Toll H’04 (President Emeritus)

Aileen D. Tsui (Art)

Peter J. Weigel (Philosophy)

Jennifer M. Whitehead (Math Center)