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    Mathematics and Computer Science

    Solid Coursework, Small Classes, and a Liberal Arts Education

    The Department of Mathematics & Computer Science is one of the oldest at Washington College. Our department offers majors and minors in Math and Computer Science, as well as joint minors in Information Systems and Data Analytics with the Business Department. The majors offered by our department pair well with other disciplines for students interested in multiple areas of academic study. 


    Class size is close to 20 in the lower levels, and an upper-level class may contain as few as seven students. There is a strong emphasis on writing and oral expression in the content area. The small class size allows for a personalized experience. Many of our students choose to double major. The liberal arts environment supports students who wish to earn degrees in seemingly unrelated fields. Although Business Management, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics are often coupled, we have some students who choose their second major from the Humanities and Fine Arts, as well.