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  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Computer Science Major & Minor

Majoring in Computer Science you will learn how to think algorithmically, the basics of how modern computers work, and theory of computation. You have opportunity of learning Artificial Intelligence, Operating Systems, and Computer Networking as part of the major. We also have small class sizes which allows for a more personalized experince. In addition to our regular offerings, we often provide special topics courses that introduce material not already covered in our curricullum.  We welcome student input, and we urge students to suggest topics for our special courses.

In their final year, Seniors will choose a senior capstone project that matches their interests and talents. In the past, students have created games, web application, and other topics for there projects. Many of our students double major in related departments including Business Management, Mathematics, and Physics. However, we have some students who choose their second major from the Humanities and Fine Arts, as well.




Dylan Poulsen

Co-Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science; Associate Professor of Mathematics.