GPA Calculation

Calculate your GPA using our browser-based tool.

A+ 4.00   C 2.00
A 4.00   C- 1.67
A- 3.67   D+ 1.33
B+ 3.33   D 1.00
B 3.00   D- 0.67
B- 2.67   F 0.00
C+ 2.33    

How to Manually Calculate Your GPA

1. Pick those classes you wish to include in your calculation*. Do not include any classes that received a P or an AU grade as those do not count towards GPA.

3. Total these amounts. This number is your total Quality Points earned.

4. Add up all of the credit amounts for the courses you're including. If you are including failed courses, use the number of credits that would have been earned for the course. Do not use "0."

5. Multiply your answer from Step 4 by 4.00 to determine the total Quality Points possible (i.e. the number of Quality Points you could have earned if you had achieved an “A” in each course).

6. Divide your answer from Step 3 by your answer from Step 5.

7. Multiply this number by 4 to put it on a 4.0 scale. The result will be your GPA for the courses you included.

Examples and FAQ's

You want to find your term GPA for Spring 2014. These are the classes you took and your grades:

(4 credits) Basketweaving                 A-
(4 credits) Basejumping                     C+
(4 credits) Spelunking                         B
(4 credits) Internship: The Moon     A
(2 credits) Puppetry                             B-
(Audit) Ventriloquism                          AU

1.   We're going to include all courses here except the Audit grade since that doesn't count towards the GPA.

2. (4 credits x 3.67) = 14.68
     (4 credits x 2.33) = 9.32
     (4 credits x 3) = 12
     (4 credits x 4) = 16
     (2 credits x 2.67) = 5.34

3. 14.68 + 9.32 + 12 + 16 + 5.34 = 57.34

4. 4 credits + 4 credits + 4 credits + 4 credits + 2 credits = 18 credits

5. 18 x 4 = 72

6. 57.34 / 72 = 0.7963888

7. 0.7963888 x 4 = 3.1855552

Your term GPA for Spring 2014 is 3.185.

Students will earn a “term GPA” for each semester that they are enrolled at the College. The term GPA does not change even if a course is later repeated. It represents the historical record of a student’s graded coursework during a given semester. The term GPA is used to calculate a student’s academic standing each semester, including his or her eligibility for the Dean’s List.

The aggregate of a student’s entire graded coursework, as seen on the academic transcript, combines to form the “cumulative GPA.” Students must earn at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA in courses taken at the College in order to graduate, as well as a 2.00 cumulative GPA in all courses presented to fulfill major requirements.

The Registrar’s Office uses a student’s cumulative GPA and current class year to determine their class rank. The cumulative GPA is also what's used to determine Latin honors at Commencement.