Drop-in Hours

Drop-in Hours are a time where you can meet with trained tutors to discuss problems and concepts, check over your work, or just hang out!

The Quantitative Skills Center is excited to support your number needs! 


Spring 2024 drop-in hours:


Monday 4-10 PM

Tuesday 4-7 PM, 8-10 PM

Thursday 4-6 PM 

Computer Science

Monday 6-8 PM

Wednesday 6-8 PM

Thursday 6-8 PM

Discrete Mathematics 

Monday 6-10 PM

Tuesday 8-10 PM

Economics & Business

Monday 6-10 PM

Wednesday 8-10 PM


Monday 4-6 PM

Tuesday 6-8 PM

Wednesday 4-6 PM


Tuesday 4-6 PM, 7:30-9:30 PM (psych stats 7:30-9:30)

Wednesday 4-6 PM (psych stats)

Thursday 4-6 PM