Colin Hollingsworth Tutor Endowment

In the fall of 2013 the Quantitative Skills Center of Washington College received a generous gift to establish an endowment for a tutor’s salary. The gift was made in honor of Colin Hollingsworth, a graduate of Washington College in 1933.

Colin Hollingsworth Tutor Endowment

Who was Colin Hollingsworth? 

Mr. Hollingsworth was a Mathematics major who, while a student, was hired to hold study halls in the library throughout the week. During this time he would tutor students from a variety of subjects, including math. After graduating from Washington College, Mr. Hollingsworth enlisted in the Navy and attended officer training school at the Naval Academy. He became a commander of a ship in the Navy during World War II where he served in the Pacific Theater. After his time in the Navy he went on to become President of Graflin Bag Company in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is the Colin Hollingsworth Tutor Endowment?

The Colin Hollingsworth Tutor Endowment will provide a salary for a selected tutor throughout each academic year. In addition to academic abilities, the tutor will be selected based on leadership potential and passion for helping others. The student selected will continue to serve as a tutor in the Quantitative Skills Center but will also take on the added responsibility of helping the Director with the training of new tutors and serving as a mentor and resource for the entire staff.